reiki healing by sushma sagar

reiki healing for modern life

Finding a place of calm in modern life is hard. So many distractions, notifications, messages… noise. Even when you want to relax, the mind can find it hard to. Sometimes you need a helping hand. Sushma Sagar founded The Calmery to help people get to that peaceful place, using a healing technique called reiki. It brings you back to balance, well being and calm. You will feel better and happier and you won’t know why!

how does reiki work?

We have an energetic body, which is made up of 7 centres or chakras. When all is well, the energy flows around our chakras easily and we feel balanced and happy. Inevitably life’s stresses, strains or illnesses gets in the way and we end up with blocks, preventing us from feeling our best. When the body receives healing, it is absorbed where needed, blocks are  released, energy begins to flow again and you start to feel good. It’s non-invasive and very gentle.

what can reiki treat?

Reiki healing can be used to treat grief, anxiety, stress, upset, or simply just as a maintenance treatment. It will help you recover more quickly from physical illness, as the body becomes energetically stronger and gets a boost. It is not an alternative to modern medicine, but should be used in conjunction to expedite any healing that needs to occur. It is a non-religious therapy that works irrespective of your belief system.


Sushma Sagar is a practising reiki master / teacher with over 15 years experience in energy healing. Simultaneously coming from a fashion marketing background, she understands very well what a pressured professional life can be like and uses healing as an antidote. Sushma first came across reiki in 2002, when she sought help to treat grief. Impressed with the dramatic results, she trained and found her calling. She is a master in both the Usui method and Holy Fire methods, also combining shamanic, visualisation and meditation techniques in her work. She is a resident healer at Obonjon wellness festival and Push mind and body. She runs private teaching and client sessions from the heart of Victoria Park in Hackney, London.


2000 Mayan studies – Shaman Miguel Angel Vergara
2002 Usui Reiki 1 & 2 – Richard Ellis & Sue Johnson
2006 Usui Reiki 3 – Richard Ellis
2008 Usui Master Teacher – Richard Ellis
2015  Wayfinder Shamanic Intensive – Andrew Hywrienicz
2016 Holy Fire Master Teacher – Diana Cox


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I had a reiki session with Sushma when I was navigating an extremely stressful situation, and experiencing what felt like an unshakable anxiety. However after our time together, I felt calm, relaxed and optimistic, and was able to see things very differently. I wish I lived in the UK and work with Sushma on a more regular basis!

Ruby Warrington

Author, Journalist, Founder, The Numinous

Having suffered digestive issues for over 10 years I was recommended reiki with Sush as a last ditch attempt to help with my symptoms, following many doctors appointments and dietary changes. The session was relaxed and it felt cleansing; I was open-minded but had some scepticism. Now, I actually can’t believe how much better I feel, as the stomach issues that have made me feel down for a big portion of my life almost instantly disappeared. Sush is lovely and I would recommend her to anyone with an existing conditon or otherwise.


Communications Manager, London

Sushma came recommended by a friend (always the best start!). From the moment I walk into Sushma’s (beautiful) healing space I feel instantly lighter and together with her soothing presence it’s a safe space (complete with lush tropical cushions) that allows complete surrender to the energy work and its gentle but powerful effect. In only a couple of sessions Sushma has already helped me move through energetic blocks and heal deeper. I’m so thankful to have found her. Every time I finish a session I feel like I’ve been to heaven and back. 

Events Producer, London

sushma sagar master reiki healer
Photography: Justin Gardner