About The Calmery

The Calmery is the place where you can experience an absolute, perfect calm, bringing a stop to your whirring mind, ease to your stressed body and a feeling of completeness to your spirit. We help you get there using energy healing.

Energy healing comprises of techniques that clear the blocks in your energy flow, positively transform your life and helps you achieve your optimum state of wellbeing.

You don’t need to be spiritual, religious or interested in the supernatural to benefit. You don’t even need to believe that it works. Let us change your mind.

“My vision is to demystify energy healing, to take it out of the ‘weird’ and into the weekday.” – Sushma Sagar, Founder of The Calmery



In 2002 I was really struggling with the grief of my first heart-break. I wasn’t sleeping or eating, my doctor parents were unable to help and I felt quite desperate.

A friend suggested Chinese medicine and my acupuncturist turned out to be a Reiki master! She introduced me to energy healing and the effect was breathtaking; it healed me and set me on a new life path I never knew existed. She invited me to train with her and so began my passion with healing.

Like some kind of new-age superhero I led a double-life for a long time; by day I had a high-powered, international career in the fashion industry, by night I practiced my skills, attended Reiki workshops and healed my friends and family.

“It was like a fire had been lit inside me; healing had become part of my very fabric….  but I was quite happy keeping it a secret.”

Then about 5 years ago, things started changing and the world started sending me signs that I should ‘come out’ of the spiritual closet. I ignored them, but the signals got louder and louder… till they were practically shouting! So I listened.

In listening, it dawned on me that the legacy I’m meant to leave would be introducing energy healing to as many people as I can, and this would be my positive contribution to humanity. With that realisation, I embraced the fact that my secret skills could help make people’s lives better.

“I walked away from my old definition of corporate ‘success’  to begin a new one with The Calmery.”

I then committed fully to the healers path; I went even deeper and trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine, for total life transformations. I am so honored to be able to bring this powerful energy medicine to you.

Allow The Calmery to provide intelligent energy healing, inspired by ancient methods, to help you create a new, better, healed life. Just as I experienced.

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