What is Energy Healing?

Read our article and find everything you need to know about Energy Healing and Reiki.


How do I prepare for a treatment?

Just wear comfortable clothes and arrive on time, no other preparation is needed. If you are having an online session, make sure you have a calm and peaceful room where you can lie down and you will be undisturbed.

Please note we can’t treat anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs and they will forfeit the fee.


What should I expect?

Whether your session is on zoom, or in person it will work in a similar way. We will begin with a chat, where we will get to the crux of what you need.  For the energy healing part, you will be lying down fully clothed with your eyes closed so you can relax fully. The healing can range from a number of different techniques. It will involve some touch, non-touch and vocal sound vibrations and meditations. You will feel sensations, often relaxing, sometimes intense, heat, cold, prickly for example, everyone is different.  It is not painful and is non-invasive and it is,  for most people,  a very pleasant experience. You will be involved in the healing, you may be asked to do some conscious breathing and to share what you are feeling.


How does Distance Healing work?

In the session we work together to locate and then remove whatever blocks and issues you have stopping you from having the life that you desire. We will connect energetically face to face in the online session and it will begin with a diagnostic chat. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, we will read your energy to figure out where we should focus.

Using a combination of healing methods and energy medicine techniques, we will then work on healing whatever issues you have, as though we were in the same room. The sessions are powerful and transformative, they work the same way as in-person treatments, just without skin to skin contact.


How will I feel after the healing session?

Charged. Light. Happy. Alive. New. Incredible. These are just a few of the words that clients use to describe the way being healed makes them feel. It’s an intensely personal experience, so you may feel one of these things, all of them, or none. You might have an entirely new sensation altogether. But these are some of the most common experiences.

Others feel tired and strange either emotionally or physically. This is because a lot of releases and changes in your internal energy will have occurred – your system is reconfiguring these improvements. Feeling discombobulated is normal and will subside after a day or so, after which you will likely feel that something subtle is different in your life. Drink a lot of water and take note of your thoughts or dreams, as these will give you insights into your healing.


Can energy healing “cure” illnesses?

No. It is not a substitute for western medicine and should always be used in conjunction with any medications you are on. It is an excellent compliment and works amazingly well alongside traditional medical treatment. Energy healing will ease and expedite the process of recovery. It will help you cope emotionally with whatever you are dealing with. Always continue to see a medical practitioner.


How does a reiki facial work?

A reiki facial works internally to remove the stress that is visible in your face. By clearing the energy blocks and restoring a calm  in the face and upper body, this results in a internal and external rejuvenation and energy boost.  It does not actively remove wrinkles or issues from your life! It’s about restoring your natural beauty and not letting life’s problems mask it.


How many sessions will I need?

If you’ve never had any healing before then an initial 90 minute treatment will be necessary. We are working to change your life in a permanent and positive way. One session will provide a small shift and momentary relief but a course of 3 or 6 sessions is strongly recommended in order to make significant progress and see lasting and dramatic life changes.

Like any therapy or exercise, the more you you do it the better you feel and everyone is different.  One treatment will provide instant and momentary relief,  follow up sessions are necessary if you really want to  transform and see your life change for ever. We recommend a course of 6 and we can offer a payment plan if you require financial support.

We also suggest that you incorporate energy healing into your daily life as a regular well-being routine. This is why many clients end up learning reiki with The Calmery so they can heal themselves at home! See our Learn page for the next training day.


How to book

Use the booking system online to book your appointment, if you have any problems you can email direct hello@thecalmery.com


Can I cancel or reschedule?

For individual treatments you can cancel with full refund, or reschedule up to 48 hours before your appointment time if you email us at hello@thecalmery.com After this time no refunds are given.

For x3 or x6 packages, we do not offer refunds, but you can reschedule your appointment time up to 48 hours before.

For training courses, you can cancel or reschedule up to 14 days. Rescheduling is wholly dependent on future course dates, times and availability.