Heal Your Heartbreak 2020 programme

Heal Your Heartbreak 2020 
A energy medicine programme developed by The Calmery, using tried and tested techniques we have been working with for the last 2 years, now repackaged specifically to help you heal your heart after the loss of love. 

You may have had therapy, bored your loved ones, friends and probably yourself to tears going over and over what happened. The anger, the hurt, the pain is lodged inside you and you can’t seem to see past it. Or perhaps you may have mentally come to terms with the breakup, but somehow you are struggling to move on, move forward and not take your resentment on to the next person.  This is because energetic vibration of what happened is still with you and until you remove it, will continue to play out in your life, in a frustrating, repetitive pattern.

In this special programme we will take you through each important step that will allow you to heal fully and completely, so you may move into a better future – way better than the one you lost.  Each session will range from 75 -90 minutes depending on the work being done. They can be conducted in person or over skype or a combination of the above.  

Part 1 – 3 sessions 

Face, Embrace and Release 
In these 3 sessions we will work to remove the energetic vibration of your pain from your system. Suddenly what used to be so upsetting and triggering will not have the same charge as it used to. This will enable you to see past the hurt, so you are not reacting to it anymore. 

Part 2 – 3 sessions 

Find Peace and Compassion 
In these 3 sessions we will work to breaks the ties and the attachments to the lost love.  We will transmute any residual feelings of anger into compassion and a higher form of love.  We will get you the closure that wasn’t possible before.

Part 3 – 3 sessions 

A Fearless Future! 
The world is your oyster! In these 3 sessions we will work on finding and installing an upgraded life trajectory, into your energy field. A new dawn and way of being that will leave you feeling excited for your future, without regrets or looking back. 

The entire programme can take as little as 3 months if you want things to move fast or a maximum of 6 months, if you want more time to calibrate, it’s entirely up to you and how you quickly you want to heal and move on. 

You will be given exercises and homework, which you will need to commit to. This is for people serious about wanting to heal and will dedicate time and effort to their recovery. 

Email Sushma@thecalmery to arrange a complimentary call about the programme.