Private Energy Healing Sessions

Private healing sessions are what you need when you want to transform your life and heal your wounds for good. 

Private sessions will not only lift and support you – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually ( in the same way that you’d turn to a loved one for comfort or support) they will, more importantly, also find the root of your problems and then deal with them in a laser-like focus. After which your life will be different and you won’t attract the same situations again. 

If you are tired of feeling the way you do, feel stuck in a rut, if you know that you are not quite you and need help finding yourself again then our energy medicine will help you.  Lots of people turn to us it in times of stress, grief, anxiety and upset – or when Western medicine can’t offer them anything but a pill for their problems.

Energy medicine is truly a jack of all trades; it’s your best friend, your mother, your doctor, your counsellor, all rolled into one. It’s at its most powerful when used regularly as a form of maintenance, to stop you from ever getting to a place so bad that you’ve exhausted all the other options.

Even when you can’t actually put your finger on what’s troubling you, or what you’re missing, the sessions will give you exactly the kind of healing and comfort you need on the day that you need it. Tomorrow you might need something different and it will give you that too! It isn’t a cure-all but it will help you to handle life better on a daily basis and to recover more quickly from the curve balls it throws at you, when they inevitably come your way.

If you are actually sick, it will expedite your body’s own natural healing process, by kickstarting its own healing mechanisms and giving it a boost of vital energy. 

*Energy medicine is not a substitute for conventional medicine and works best as a complementary therapy, in conjunction with any treatment you may be receiving from your doctor.


How does it work?

The practitioner will locate the energetic problem and work with you to clear it from your body.  Once clear, energy from the universe may be channelled into your body, whilst you are lying down fully clothed. Your body will respond and draw it in where it needs it. There are various techniques that we use to pinpoint and heal the problem, we work in various dimensions to do this. 

When we’re well, energy flows easily throughout our bodies, we have a higher vibration and we feel balanced and happy, at our absolute best. But when life’s stresses, strains or illnesses start to creep in – and let’s face it, there’s no way of stopping them when they do! – they can cause energy blockages which play havoc with our minds and bodies. The treatment works by clearing these blockages, restoring the body’s natural energy flow and raising your vibration.

Energy medicine works because everything in the universe is made up of atoms, ourselves included. Think about your body for a second: your brain, nerves, organs, skin, hormones – they’re all just atoms. And atoms are energetic. We might not be able to feel it in each cell, but every single atom in our body vibrates at a particular frequency, with a certain kind of energy. This frequency can change, depending on how you’re feeling, how healthy you are or even how happy you are. 



How does it make you feel?

Charged. Light. Happy.

These are just a few of the words that clients use to describe the way being healed makes them feel. It’s an intensely personal experience, so you may feel one of these things, all of them, or none. You might have an entirely new sensation altogether. But these are some of the most common experiences.

Charged. Like your morning shower is pouring hot, light energy over your entire body. You’ll emerge zinging, inside and out.

Light. Like you’ve been carrying around a backpack full of heavy rocks for weeks, dragging you down. Now take it off, and notice the difference in your body. You can stand straighter, move freely, breathe easily.

Happy. Like someone has found your mind’s ‘off’ switch and flicked it for you. You don’t have to meditate, focus or desperately try to clear your thoughts, they’re just… gone. You feel gloriously empty, yet entirely whole.

90 min Energy Medicine
Healing Session

If you’ve never had any healing before then an initial 90 minute treatment will be necessary. Imagine that you’re a 7-story house that has never been cleaned…

The session will begin with a consultation, where we ascertain what is going on for you and where to focus the work. Once it’s clear, the energy healing session will begin and will include whatever energy medicine is appropriate to begin cleaning the house that is you! Your body can only heal what it’s ready to, so this process is completely tailored to you.

We are working to change your life in a permanent and positive way. A single session will provide a shift and instant relief but a course of 3 or 6 sessions is strongly recommended in order to make significant progress and see lasting and dramatic life changes. You can discuss your desired results and situation with your practitioner who will advise you.



90 Minute Distant Energy Medicine Session

An Energy Medicine Healing session is held digitally. In the session we work together to locate and then remove whatever blocks and issues you have stopping you from having the life that you desire. We will connect energetically face to face in the online session and it will begin with a diagnostic chat. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, we will read your energy to figure out where we should focus. Using a combination of healing methods and energy medicine techniques, we will then work on healing whatever issues you have, as though we were in the same room. The sessions are powerful and transformative, they work the same way as in-person treatments, just without skin to skin contact.

We are working to change your life in a permanent and positive way. One session will provide a small shift and momentary relief but a course of 3 or 6 sessions is strongly recommended in order to make significant progress and see lasting and dramatic life changes.