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“I’ve been going through the craziest eye opening self discovery since the reiki day with you. Loads of repressed memories and awareness of coping mechanisms that I have been using for years. It’s like I’ve been going through a complete emotional rehab. It’s been the most life transforming month of my life. I feel my energy has completely shifted, both inside of me and with my awareness of my surroundings . I am so thankful, not only for the teachings, but also for the rebirth effect it has had. X”

Madeleine Claire

I saw Sushma for 7 sessions of shamanic energy healing from March to May 2022. I thought I would go in for one energy healing session, but I ended up seeing her for multiple sessions which ultimately changed my life. I needed to change my ways romantically and heal. I was addicted to male attention and sex. After only a few sessions I had a complete shift in my energy and was attracting differently in my life. I learned to channel my abundance of sexual energy into creative outlets such as painting and playing piano. I began to notice the beautiful synchronicities of life and focused on self growth. I also began to practice gratitude more and visualised the relationship of my dreams via manifestation practice.

In March 2023 I met the love of my life. After one date I knew he was the one – he was everything I asked for and more. I know if I hadn’t healed with Sushma, there is no way I would have met him. Our relationship is incredible and I can’t wait to spend my entire life with him.

Thank you Sushma for bringing me the love I was longing for!


I have been seeing Sushma for a couple of years now and she has played an incredibly important role in my healing process. Every time I see her it is completely different. I have had past life regression, I have had entities removed and I have had cords cut to mend a broken heart. Sometimes Sushma can tell that I just need some straight up energy healing and it is the biggest luxury in my hectic life to just lie down and receive. I’ve had it all and what is incredible is the results are fast and they are immediate.  I leave her healing room a different person with a spring in my step and lightness in my heart. I was able to move on from my ex partner finally with a spring in my step…

Sophie Ritchie