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I have been seeing Sushma for a couple of years now and she has played an incredibly important role in my healing process. Every time I see her it is completely different. I have had past life regression, I have had entities removed and I have had cords cut to mend a broken heart. Sometimes Sushma can tell that I just need some straight up energy healing and it is the biggest luxury in my hectic life to just lie down and receive. I’ve had it all and what is incredible is the results are fast and they are immediate.  I leave her healing room a different person with a spring in my step and lightness in my heart. I was able to move on from my ex partner finally with a spring in my step…

Sophie Ritchie

I’ve found Healing Club so incredibly helpful in attaining stability in my mind and body & tuning in to my higher self.

Chris Remington

It’s like my pilot light just got sparked. I’m lit inside again. I’m so happy I could cry.

Kathryn G
Human Resources Executive