Energy, Energy Healing & Reiki

Prana, Chi, Ki, Life Force, ‘The Force’. Every culture has a way of describing a kind of universal energy. Often intangible – even inexplicable – but always present. For some, it’s an awareness or connection with nature, people, moods or environments that runs much deeper than we might realise.

In reality, we actually notice and talk about energy all the time; it’s a very normal part of our vocabulary. That feeling when you walk into a room and – before you’ve even seen anyone – you can tell that the people in there have just had an argument:’there was such a bad vibe’. Or when you’re flirting and you know the feeling is mutual: ’sparks were flying’. Or very simply, when you’ve met someone who ‘has a great energy about her’.

Where does this sensation, this energy come from?

Energy medicine works because everything in the universe is made up of atoms, ourselves included. Think about your body for a second: your brain, nerves, organs, skin, hormones – they’re all just atoms. And atoms are energetic. We might not be able to feel it in each cell, but every single atom in our body vibrates at a particular frequency, with a certain kind of energy. This frequency can change, depending on how you’re feeling, how healthy you are or even how happy you are.

Energy as Medicine

Energy medicine is truly a jack of all trades; it’s your best friend, your mother, your doctor, your counsellor, all rolled into one. It’s at its most powerful when used regularly as a form of maintenance, to stop you from ever getting to a place so bad that you’ve exhausted all the other options.

Even when you can’t actually put your finger on what’s troubling you, or what you’re missing The Calmery sessions will give you exactly the kind of healing and comfort you need on the day that you need it.

Tomorrow you might need something different and it will give you that too! It isn’t a cure-all but it will help you to handle life better on a daily basis and to recover more quickly from the curve balls it throws at you, when they inevitably come your way.


There’s something about the word ‘healing’ that can put people on edge. Maybe it isn’t clinical enough, maybe it sounds a bit too ‘New Age’, but for whatever reason it doesn’t always resonate the way it should. Healing, very simply, means actively doing something that has a positive effect on the mind and body; something that helps you to ‘regain health’. This might be through relaxation therapies which help to relieve stress and tension, by building up your body’s natural strength and immunity or increasing your energy levels so you can squeeze the most out of life.

Sleep is healing. A healthy diet is healing, as is meditation or a good massage. These aren’t complex, hazy concepts that are impossible to understand or practice; they’re simple, effective, everyday ways of looking after your wellbeing. So is energy healing.

Energy Healing
Energy healing comes in lots of different forms; no two are exactly alike but they all share similar basic principles.

Various forms of energy healing have been practised all over the world, in different countries and cultures, for millennia. It’s an ancient wisdom that we’ve been losing over time. As technology’s advanced, our natural intuition and ability to heal ourselves has regressed, but we haven’t lost this inherent capacity for healing – we just need to rediscover it.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an specific energy healing technique that uses energy from the universe to calm your mind, heal your body and restore your natural energy flow, for optimum health and wellbeing.

Traditional Reiki was developed in the early 20th century by Dr Usui, a Japanese monk and scholar, who took his inspiration from ancient Buddhist healing practices.

Imagine that you’re a 7-story house that has never been cleaned…

The session will begin with a consultation, where we ascertain what is going on for you and where to focus the work. Once it’s clear, the energy healing session will begin and will include whatever energy medicine is appropriate to begin cleaning the house that is you!

Once clear, energy from the universe may be channelled into your body, whilst you are lying down fully clothed. Your body will respond and draw it in where it needs it. There are various techniques that we use to pinpoint and heal the problem, we work in various dimensions to do this.

Your body can only heal what it’s ready to, so this process is completely tailored to you!

How People Feel After Having an Energy Healing Session

Like your morning shower is pouring hot, light energy over your entire body. You’ll emerge zinging, inside and out.

Like you’ve been carrying around a backpack full of heavy rocks for weeks, dragging you down. Now take it off, and notice the difference in your body. You can stand straighter, move freely, breathe easily.

Like someone has found your mind’s ‘off’ switch and flicked it for you. You don’t have to meditate, focus or desperately try to clear your thoughts, they’re just… gone. You feel gloriously empty, yet entirely whole.