Faith and finding a new home for The Calmery

One of the biggest spiritual lessons I’ve learnt over the years is how to train my faith muscle. It needs working out just like any other, to flex and support you when life makes you weak. When things go awry, we need our faith muscle-memory to engage. We must recall all the times when things did come good, when it worked out in the end, when something better came along. We have to draw on those to experiences and that is how we keep our faith.

Earlier this year, when I got the news that the lease on our clinic wasn’t being renewed, my heart sank. This is the fourth time it’s happened since I set up The Calmery in 2017, when I gave up the day job, moved sessions out of my living room and found a dedicated professional space to work in.

Each time however, I’ve had miracles occur.

My first room on Harley St. came from a contact I’d made on Instagram. We’d had a mutual appreciation society going on and it turned out she had rooms on the street and offered me one, out of the blue, at a rate I could afford. I was astonished, it was a pipe-dream to have a space  on this famous street, but it happened right at the beginning of The Calmery journey. The room was a delight: the walls were sage green ( my favourite colour and also The Calmery brand colour) it was furnished with antiques, Liberty print cushions and paintings of dogs.  It had an old school charm and was absolutely perfect for me –  I adored this room.  My landlady turned into a very special person in my world, a mystical fairy godmother who gifted me my first clinic space and her friendship, that I still cherish today.

After three glorious years Covid struck and she had to give up the rooms as did everyone – we simply weren’t allowed to practice face-to-face. I moved to online sessions wondering for how long, as I missed the real life client connections and I missed Harley St.

After the first lockdown, I was on facebook and an old friend who I used to hang out with in the noughties, popped up in my life looking for tenants for her rooms in Harley St! Perfect timing. I took one of hers for a while, it was a plush stylish space and I worked here until she too had to give up her lease as the second lockdown hit. It was a difficult time for everyone, but I kept the trust simmering on a low heat.

As soon as I was allowed back, I found a very small but perfectly adequate room lower down in the building. The room was quite cool – a mid-century type feel with plants. I occupied  it for some time, until the landlord changed the usage. Undeterred, with faith, my feelers were put out once more and after visiting a heap of awful, cold clinics and nearly giving up entirely,  I found the top floor turret space at 1 Harley St, full of crystals, windows, large light with a lovely view onto Cavendish Gardens. It became our new home in Jan 2022.

Each time I had to move, something came along that worked. I knew how I needed to ‘feel’ in a space in order to create The Calmery experience for my clients. I have come to understand that something better always comes along, we won’t know what it is immediately, but that is ok.

Now in our new home in 15 Harley Street, I have created the perfect sanctuary for healing, it’s warm, cosy, with soft colours and lots of gentle light. It’s a historic listed building that has been sensitively renovated, our rooms are newly refurbished, clean and calm. I always wanted the Calmery to feel more like a home healing space where you feel safe to relax, rather than a ‘clinical’ space where you have a healing procedure. I want to put the ‘treat’ into treatment and that’s what we have. It’s a lovely place to heal and be healed.

So six years in and through all the ups and downs, life’s twists and turns, I’ve been shown time and time again if you trust your instincts and inner faith it never lets you down.

I think particularly, when we are in service, using our gifts, it will always work out, because the universe wants it to.  So in my case, the universe wants me to do my healing work in the best way possible and will make it possible for me to do just that.

You can book a healing session with me at the new clinic