Healing Your Heartbreak

How can can you heal a broken heart? As many of you will know,  the original reason I am on this journey with energy medicine was my own experience with heartbreak. ⁠ I’ve been desperately heartbroken 3 times in my life and in spite of being consumed with grief, have been able to move through the grieving process with remarkable grace, thanks to the healers and methods I worked with.

I fell head over heels for someone who was everything I ever dreamed of; handsome, intelligent and devastatingly charming. Finally marriage, children, and the life I hoped for seemed to be rolling out just like in the story books. Then after a close death in the family, the relationship deteriorated, and I fell into a grief spiral. The dream plan went awry. ⁠

The grief associated with the loss of love is deep and painful. This is because it is grief associated with loss on many different levels: It is the loss of a special person but also the loss of a dream or a plan. It’s the loss of a future you. It’s the loss of intimacy and closeness with another. It’s the loss of an energy source. It’s the grief that can often come with a side order of betrayal, confusion, sadness, anger, regret where you’ve ground yourself down analysing, overthinking, journaling (and more) in a painful cycle of self-flagellation.

⁠I sought out a shaman who helped me to heal the deep wounds that this experience had exposed. It was grueling and difficult work but I came out the other side, transformed and on the path to be shaman myself. Talk about how life can change! I thought this grief would be the breaking of me, but it was actually the making of me! ⁠

Why did I have to go through that and previous experiences of heartbreak, what did I do wrong? I used to think… now I understand. It was to know what it was like so I can guide others. That experience provided me a space for deeper understanding and healing which has made me a stronger person in all areas of life. It is a gift that I continually want to share with as many people as possible, finding strength in the hardest of times. and transforming their experience of life. ⁠

When we heal, we need to heal the body, mind AND soul. It’s likely that you need to remove the “energy” of the lost love and relationship, in order to move on. Only by removing, releasing and transmuting the energy of the person and all the associated emotions can you hope to move forward without remaining ties.

I am now in a position to help people who are struggling to move on from a past relationship. With energy medicine, I can take them to a place where they:

1 – Don’t feel the same pain anymore

2 – Feel compassion in place of hurt

3 – Feel excited about the future

If you know someone who may benefit, share this blog with them or contact me to talk.

Please email, sushma@thecalmery.com