How to plan in an uncertain future

Plans help us to feel secure, they give us things to look forward to and keep us buoyant. Here are my ideas on how to plan within a pandemic so you can still get that feeling. It has increasingly felt like life was delayed; I found myself thinking when things get back to normal I’ll do this and I’ll do that. However, it dawned on me this week, that this is it. Life isn’t on pause at all, life is just happening in a way where plans need to be flexible and there is the lesson. Let plans grow and mould organically, let them bend like trees in the wind. I have included some tips below on how to do that.

Do make short-term plans
Plan for a day or for the week ahead.

Don’t hold people to social plans too rigidly
Everyone is going through a difficulties and they might not have the space to engage.

Do not feel guilty if you need to change/cancel a social plan
See above

Do make plans around things you can control,
This includes meals, exercise, self care, your dependents.

Do make plans around online classes and courses
Businesses are likely to keep to their online schedules – you can usually rely on them happening.