Meeting your spirit animal

About 5 years ago I had some personal tragedies in my life. My practice of reiki didn’t seem to be enough to reach them; I needed some stronger spiritual meds! So on an internet search and a prayer,  I found a shaman who I hoped would help me through this very difficult patch. He had a tiny studio in Chelsea and I went along with hope but no expectations. We outlined what my problems were and he then put some headphones on and went into a trance. After a few minutes he opened his eyes and scribbled down some notes. He said we had a number of things to do to heal me and normally he would do those things, but on this occasion he wouldn’t…. he was told I would have to do them. 

I was alarmed, but he explained that he would teach me and then took me through the steps of my own healing. On that extraordinary day, I went on a journey and met one of my spirit animals that would be helping me to heal my wounds. A spirit or power animal is a guide (invisible friend or helper)  that comes in the form of an animal. You’ll never guess what mine was: 

It was a snake!

The snake came to me to support me in a period of transformation. Snakes represent personal growth, as they shed their skin and start afresh allowing them to constantly change and develop.

Spirit animals live in a different world and Shamans know how to travel there easily. However, as I found out that fateful day in Chelsea, the technique can be learnt by anyone with close supervision. Spirit animals bring support and strengths that we can draw on when we need help.  They are all different and have unique attributes, just like real animals. They are generally very helpful and have their own personalities, think of them like well-meaning friends. We can connect with them and ask them questions and advice. 

You can learn to meet your spirit animal in a 121 session with me. I can guide you through the steps that I was taught all those years ago and you can make your own acquaintance with this special invisible helper. 

Once you know how to connect you can ask a question and get some guidance, believe or not it’s a lot of fun!