Reiki can make you beautiful!

At The Calmery, we noticed that our clients would leave their healing sessions rejuvenated and glowing, as though they had had a beauty treatment. This made us develop the head clearing treatment or ‘reiki facial’, a shorter session that concentrates on removing visible stress from the face by clearing blocked energy.

It’s often our minds that can’t stop spinning and this causes us the most anxiety and stress. By concentrating predominantly on the head and upper chakras, this treatment will give you a deep sense of peace, calm and clarity, which in turn affects how relaxed the body feels and how the face looks. By removing the worries and anxieties from your face, it has the added bonus of making you look rejuvenated!

Martha Alexander puts The ‘Reiki Facial’ to the test
Like many of us, between work, childcare, pinot noir and other commitments, Martha Alexander struggles to find balance in her life. In a bid to discover the secret to perfect skin, Martha (on behalf of Metro News) put our ‘Reiki Facial’ to the test.

Martha’s experience:
“I slept for nine uninterrupted hours that night, which is no mean feat for someone with a toddler. I felt more relaxed, but did I look it? You know what? Yes, I did. I looked like I had just applied a bloody good BB cream. […] But look, this isn’t magic. It’s not about walking out looking ten years younger. It’s really about being open to a new way of banishing stress and strain from the body. A reiki facial is practically the definition of a contradiction in terms. Technically it shouldn’t work and yet, to my eternal surprise — and glee — it did.”

The beauty paradigm is changing. It’s becoming clear that we need to be happy, healthy and relaxed to be our most radiant selves. No cream is going to help us if we are strung out on the inside and this is exactly where self-care and healing come into the conversation.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and if that’s the reason why you try energy healing, we totally approve. It’s the best beauty secret out there!