I saw Sushma for 7 sessions of shamanic energy healing from March to May 2022. I thought I would go in for one energy healing session, but I ended up seeing her for multiple sessions which ultimately changed my life. I needed to change my ways romantically and heal. I was addicted to male attention and sex. After only a few sessions I had a complete shift in my energy and was attracting differently in my life. I learned to channel my abundance of sexual energy into creative outlets such as painting and playing piano. I began to notice the beautiful synchronicities of life and focused on self growth. I also began to practice gratitude more and visualised the relationship of my dreams via manifestation practice.

In March 2023 I met the love of my life. After one date I knew he was the one – he was everything I asked for and more. I know if I hadn’t healed with Sushma, there is no way I would have met him. Our relationship is incredible and I can’t wait to spend my entire life with him.

Thank you Sushma for bringing me the love I was longing for!