The “less equals more” phenomenon

It’s been tough couple of years for most and even more so for the small business owners. I have client let’s call her Amira who was complaining that life felt like moving against the tide, no matter how hard she pushed she felt like her business wasn’t responding. However, recently things took a positive turn for her and she just had her most successful month in two years. Weirder still, it happened when she completely took her eye off the ball  – she went on holiday, paused all marketing and invested in her hobbies. In her most successful month, she did the least work she can remember. I call this strangeness the  “less equals more” phenomenon.

We had worked on some key beliefs around money. Amira had been living in an extremely frugal way, thinking about how little there was, how insecure the world was, gripping on tight to every penny that arrived; it was draining and depressing her. We identified, located and cleared some key inherited beliefs, that were sitting in her energetic body that were driving this behaviour, after which something in her shifted. It allowed her to relax a little, enjoy spending on herself whilst away, stop doing month-long price comparisons and just purchase what she needed when she needed it without guilt.

She commented that instead of feeling irritated, she was now feeling compassionate towards requests for money, tipping constantly and giving to charities when asked. Let me just caveat, Amira has not gone into debt, crazy shopping or spending more than she can afford, the work has resulted in a more subtle inward adjustment to how she views money.

Money is most definitely an energy, perhaps it has its own personality too. Amira’s was getting bored and wanted to get out, travel and circulate (a bit like her!)  When we invest in ourselves, it increases our joy, vibrancy and happiness and that creates a new flow of energy and abundance and this, one might argue, is exactly what money is for. Money itself is not the goal, it is the means to another feeling, perhaps security, perhaps comfort, excitement or freedom. It’s how we regard it that changes how it works for us.

The reality is when we give, we are paying it forward for ourselves. That’s because whatever we give, comes back to us tenfold. So if you are generous now, you are investing in a future abundance dividend from the universe. Everything is connected, when we adjust our own perspective, we shift our energy, it creates new ripples in the universe and other people respond and act differently towards us. This is how life changes for the better. Energy medicine is an effective way to make this shift. I am the guide for so many of my clients to make these life changes, and it’s wonderful when they see the rewards in real terms.

So in summary :

She changed her attitude towards money

She started using it to enjoy her life

She started giving small amounts away regularly

She did all this by releasing the energies of her ancestors who were no doubt trying to keep her safe.

So if you would like help with your attitude towards abundance and start experiencing the less is more phenomenon, then book a session and let’s clear your fears!