The Power of Connection

If Covid and the year of lockdowns has taught us anything, it’s that we are social creatures who need connection. To think that the simple gestures of love and affection we can give to one another, a hug or even just being in close presence have been deemed dangerous, it’s so sad and is something that we crave and need.  As a consequence, we have had to learn new ways to connect with one another and show we care.

A simple act of kindness to one another can really help not just that person, but also ourselves. At a time when connection to others has been so difficult, it can change someone’s day to know that you are thinking of them and can even make you feel good too! ⁠

I want to share with you some tips which  are centered around our last month theme of connection – see if you can do one of these a day:

  • Connect with someone – Make a call, have a zoom or meet someone outdoors.
  • Connect with your body- Do some exercise, dance, give yourself a massage and listen to the twinges.
  • Connect with yourself – Journal, daydream or meditate.
  • Connect with nature – Go to a park, care for your plants, appreciate a tree!

Above all be kind to yourself: if you don’t manage any of those things, just try again the next day.

I leave you now with this quote from the wonderful Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

 “Like the waves in the ocean, storms are inevitable in life. No storm lasts forever and no storm can affect the depth of the ocean. Accept all that comes with open arms. Even when the storms come, you are like the ocean, deep as ever.”

I hope you can hold onto those wise words, as we push on through this latest phase of the pandemic and challenges associated with it – nothing lasts forever.