‘Essential Chakras: Find Your Flow’

When lockdown hit for the first time, the shock of it left us all reeling. However, a few months prior I had just signed my first book deal, so shock or no shock: I had a book to write!

‘Essential Chakras: Find Your Flow’ was conceived in 2019, the gestation took me to India and the writing happened after Covid hit the UK, it was truly a lockdown labour of love. The strange environment we found ourselves in, actually helped me to focus my mind without distractions. I became more attuned to what I felt people would need in this unfamiliar new world. I always knew the book would be about Energy and Chakras, but suddenly it was clear that the book would need to be more than that. It needed to be a handbook to show people how they could take back their power, and make themselves feel better by themselves.

The timing of the release would mean that this book had to be a pillar of support, a crutch, an alternative means of help during this difficult time.

‘Find Your Flow’ is a beginner’s guide to energy and the chakras. I share the natural way to manage them so that you can heal yourself and live in the flow of life, rather than struggling against it.

I’ve been working with energy and chakras for nearly two decades and have been taught by amazing teachers from many schools of wisdom. This book was a culmination of the knowledge I’ve gained from all those sources, alchemised to form a simple handbook that you can use anytime and anywhere.

I’ve always been passionate about demystifying energy healing, to take it out of the ‘weird’ and into the weekday was a slogan I came up with back in 2017 at the inception of The Calmery, and it still holds strong.

In the book, you will find practical healing exercises you can use for different life situations – things you can easily drop into your daily routine without a fuss. ‘Find Your Flow’ contains everything from explanations about your chakras, to managing your energy in relationships, work and building your confidence. It’s the book with many of the practices I’ve been using and sharing with my private clients for years, and now they’re available for all. I find myself dipping into it to remind myself of what I know, and to make sure I am practising what I preach.

You can order it from any good bookshops, and is part of a series of six books, all about different alternative health topics. It makes the perfect gift for anyone in need of healing, curious about healing, or on their healing journey.